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November 24, 2014 by WhiteStone  

Christmas backgroundKing Arthur Flour is sponsoring Historic Deerfield’s second annual “Heritage Recipe Baking Contest.” The deadline to enter the contest is Wednesday, November 26th. If your recipe is chosen as a finalist, the contest date is Saturday, December 6th.

In a nutshell (pie shell), the contest is about sharing a family story about a special baked good that has special meaning for your family. You also have to share the recipe with us. It does not have to be a HISTORIC recipe, but a recipe with history in your family. Do you make the same special cookies every Christmas or holiday with a recipe that has been handed down in your family? How about birthday treats or special baking that you do with many generations of your family? If I could submit a recipe, I would choose our mince pie cookie recipe because my mum and I used to make these every Christmas to share with neighbors who came to call throughout the month of December. A cookie for good luck as well as a glass of mulled wine! I still make them for December and make a wish on the first bite of each and every one!

Here is the link to a website about the contest: