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Beef and Pork at our New England Table

March 25, 2016 by WhiteStone  

meat 1Our need is such that we cannot just buy local Black Angus and Duroc pork. Farmer Prudence, for one, only raises so many pigs a year, so Chef Ameer began to look for product that would be a match for what he purchases now for Champney’s. He was looking for heritage breeds, respectfully raised in open pasture, and respectfully dispatched according to Grandin principles of humaneness.

He found an area supplier that buys in Black Angus beef and Duroc pork from small family-owned farms in the Midwest, with traceable DNA to the specific single farm they came from. These animals are raised on fresh grain and some corn, never from grain stored in silos, so there is no chance of any mold, bacteria, or animal by-product in their feed. This all-natural feed leads to a consistency in quality and a juicy tenderness.

Pigs that are fed from a garbage pail and given unsorted scraps will have a different quality of flavor, and this Duroc heritage breed is so pure that it can actually be cooked to a done-ness and be delicious!

You know we source as locally as we can with menus changing as the seasons bring new produce, and the day’s specials will often change on the fly as foragers and farmers bring us baskets to the back door.

Just because we cannot source local beef and pork in the quantities we need, does not mean that the same standards and food philosophy are not met. And of course the meat for our burgers continues to be sourced from Deerfield’s Yazwinski Farm, just a few buildings north of us. Got to eat the view so we can keep the beauty of the farmland and pastures in this part of western Mass for generations to come!