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Special events at Champney's



Save your Thursdays! There will be a second chance for the scotch tasting on Thursday, September 3. We have fun and informative experts who are happy to come and share their passion for wine, beer, tequila, and scotch.

Tastings will be every Thursday through September – ON 13, 20, 27 August, and 3 September, starting at 5:30pm and running for no more than an hour and a half.

Please buy a ticket in advance so we can prepare accordingly.

      • August 13, beer with Charlie “blue eyes” Olchowksi, president of the oldest home brew club in New England. $15 for nine tastes
      • August 20, wine with wine guy and bon viveur, Dave Abbott. $20 for eight tastes
      • August 27, talking tequila with muy chido Sean Barry. $25 for five tastes
      • September 3, scotch tasting with the kilted whisky dude, Mike Walsh.$25 for five tastes


Learn what complements what food, understand the different tastes and aromas, regional differences and characteristics, procedures for production, ask questions, have fun, and try to stump the experts!  Buy a ticket for just one, or get the special price of $75 for all four.  Have friends or colleagues who want to hang out on a Thursday? Buy six tickets for any one Thursday and get 10% off. Special coupons available for any taster wanting to prolong the night out and stay for supper.

Call 413-774-5587, ext 173 to get your tickets