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Special events at Champney's



FATHERS’ DAY – Sunday, June 21st

All dads have their Hallmark day, too. A tie and some tools are cool, but drive on over for a bite and a brew as well. Flights on offer for those that can’t decide from amongst the twelve on draught! Children welcome, as always. Hours 12:00-9:00. Please call 413-772-3087



1930 V-16 Cadillac

You will be given a ride in a car almost as beautiful as this one!


Win a dinner for two and ride in a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley! Tickets are $5, or three for $10. You can buy them from right at our front desk. The winners will be drawn on July 11, and one of the dinners will be here at Champney’s! This is a benefit to support the fabulous Wilbraham Hill Climb, a classic car event since 1908. A spectacular time to see the most gorgeous vintage and classic cars ever. Who will do the series of runs in the best time and give the vast double-handled trophy cup a place of honor until the following year? To learn more about the Climb, visit their FaceBook page.


Save your Thursdays! A recent scotch tasting was such a success that there were walk-in guests anxious to join in whom we could not accommodate! Never mind – we will do a repeat; and not just scotch. We have fun and informative experts who are happy to come and share their passion for scotch, wine, beer, and then either tequila or bourbon. The jury is still out on which one to choose. If you have an opinion about that, please email us and let us know!

Tastings will be every Thursday in August – 6, 13, 20, 27, starting at 5:30pm and running for no more than an hour and a half. Learn what complements what, understand the different tastes and aromas, and have fun. Buy a ticket for just one, or get a special price for all four. Special coupons available for any taster wanting to prolong the pleasure and stay for supper. More to follow…