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New Draught Beer for the Local Line-up

April 25, 2015 by WhiteStone  

Thank you for the photo, Abandoned Building Brewery!

Thank you for the photo, Abandoned Building Brewery!

We found our way to the Abandoned Building Brewery in Easthampton recently. We had read the really interesting story of how brewer and owner Matt Tarlecki came to be in this place, and we felt compelled to track down his brewery.

The directions on the site are very careful to guide you over mega potholes and around fire hydrants down towards the river where this old brick building stands. It was like finding a secret haven behind the double doors of the grey cinder block entrance way. You push these open and find yourself in a long corridor stretching to the left and right and lined with closed doors. We heard sounds of good cheer and on opening the correct metal door we were in the brewery itself: huge metal tanks, bare brick walls, a comfy area with sofas and tables like giant wooden bobbins, and a wooden counter for growler refills and tastings.

We had a flight of the four beers that were available and will probably have the Dirty Girl IPA as one of the draught choices soon. Great name! Great beer!

This is the blurb from Matt’s website:

Dirty Girl IPA

6.7% ABV – 60 IBU

An American IPA made with 5 hop varieties that impart big citrus and pine characteristics to the aroma and flavor. A medium malt backbone and subtle malty sweetness provide balance for the hop bitterness which is neither harsh nor astringent. Dirty Girl IPA is named to celebrate the awesome ladies in agriculture that make beer possible.