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The Burns Supper was a Blast!

February 7, 2014 by WhiteStone  

The Burns Supper was a Blast!

/wp-content/themes/champ/images/content/blog/2013/burns3.JPGWe were able to celebrate the great Scottish poet’s birthday again this year – and on the actual day of his birth, too. We had quite a few who were new to the proceedings, and their faces were a picture when Master Piper and emcee Eric Goodchild pulled his sgian dubh out of his sock and stabbed the haggis he had just been reciting an ode to.

The evening was the traditional one of pipes, songs, and verse, with the/wp-content/themes/champ/images/content/blog/2013/burns2.JPG toast to the lassies, and the lassies’ reply. Lots of tartan and sashes and kilts. Much toasting and cheering, especially when we had a power cut. Everybody seemed so charmed to be dining by candlelight with the violinist playing soft, plaintive airs that they all booed when the power came back on!

/wp-content/themes/champ/images/content/blog/2013/burns1.JPGSuch a fun way to spend a cold winter night and experience a cultural tradition unchanged since its inception on the western isles in 1801 as a tribute to the Alan Lomax of his day.